Circle Solution

A Full Circle Solution For Well Rounded Students.

A fully-accessible digital solution for school libraries.

Axis 360 creates an unrivaled experience for students – enabling them to discover and download titles directly to their devices through cloud-based delivery. And with Baker & Taylor by your side, your school library can streamline your selection of print and digital formats into one efficient workflow. As your digital materials circulation grows, we are your one-stop-shop to expand your collections in all formats. Baker & Taylor’s Axis 360 is your all-access pass to the best collection development programs in the industry:

Students Choice

Our collection development services give you the right mix of print and digital so students have access to all the formats they need.

Get The Word Out

Utilize a dynamic marketing program with customizable, print-ready marketing materials and website assets to promote Axis 360 to students.

Simple Solutions

Quickly find, order and activate digital selections via Title Source™ 3 and Title Source 360.

School Spirit

Customize Axis 360 with your institutional logo, links and messaging you create to extend the school learning experience for students.

More Than Print

Different learning styles; different digital formats. Offer ebooks and Acoustik™ eaudiobooks to give students more reading choices. Axis 360 circulates ebooks through the free, interactive Blio™ app, as well as in EPUB and PDF formats.

Read Your Way

Students can find, check out and enjoy books through PCs, smartphones, tablets and ereader devices, including NOOK®, Sony Reader™, Kobo™ and Android devices, iPads, iPhones and more.

Workflow Solutions

We can help you create an integrated ebook solution — working with your existing workflow or building a new one with you.


Seeing Is Believing

Integration Demonstration.

Axis 360 integrates with the top ILS providers. To see how our API integration creates an easy experience for users, check out these video demos showing how Axis 360 seamlessly works together with the Alexandria and Surpass library systems.

Seeing Is Believing
Axis360 Video
Axis360 Video

One For All.

One For All

The fully-accessible digital solution.

We believe that all users, regardless of physical ability, should be enabled to enjoy reading. Through Axis 360, your digital library can be searched, checked out and experienced by all users, including visually-impaired individuals who can now enjoy ebook new releases without having to wait for the creation of special editions. This effort is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Baker & Taylor worked closely with the National Federation of the Blind to make Axis 360 fully compatible with the leading assistive screen-reader technologies, including: JAWS (Job Access with Speech), Window- Eyes, NVDA (non-visual desktop access) and System Access To Go.